Updated: 06-Nov-2020 11:09 AM

General wet weather information:


Wet weather occasionally forces training and games to be cancelled. In the event of wet weather, here is what to do


During the week, Sutherland Shire Council determines if fields are playable. If the grounds are closed, under no circumstances is training to go ahead, as Council can impose fines.

  • You can call the Sutherland Shire Council Wet Weather Line 9710 0105 to find out if fields are open/closed – NOTE: Council may leave grounds open, but GPSC may close our grounds (due to the state of our field).
  • Check for updates  (top right hand corner of home page to see if grounds are closed).
  • Check with your team manager and/or coach

Game days:

The SSFA determines if games are played. The Council Wet Weather Line doesn’t apply on the weekends. In the event of wet weather:

  • Wait to be advised by your team manager
  • Check for updates

For early games, the decision may not come before you need to leave for the game. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, due to the grounds not being inspected by the SSFA until 7am.
Also note that just because some games are called off, others may go ahead eg morning games could be off, while afternoon games are on.

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