Thanks for volunteering to be a team manager!

All Managers are required to register on as a "Manager"

Below is an outline of manager duties throughout the season:

  • Every game day
  • Pre season
  • During the season

Every game day

Yellow jacket

Managers must wear the yellow jacket* at all times during games. This is so you are clearly visible to match officials.

Match sheets

  • U6-U10: Check and sign the match sheets, available at the venue ground control office
  • U11 and over: Fill in the match sheets, available at the venue ground control office correctly.
  • Fill in player name, FFA#  and shirt number for each player.
  • Cross out suspended or absent players (16 players maximum allowed on each sheet per game)
  • Add borrowing players in the bottom section (check borrowing rules and match ID cards at the game)
  • Add coaches and managers names
  • If you’re unsure ask a committee person or official. Fines apply for incorrectly completed sheets
  • After the game - after the referee has signed the sheet - check the score on the match sheet and then sign the sheet.

Player identification cards

U10 and over only

  • Sight ID cards on the field with the opposition manager and in view of the referee (who will note this on the match sheet). Fines apply if you don’t do this.
  • Ensure you have all team ID cards after the match. If a player has been sent off, you will need to find the referee give the ID card to him/her.

Team behaviour

Always ensure you team’s behaviour (including players, coaches and spectators) is appropriate and in line with our codes of conduct

Match ball

Ensure the match ball is always at the game and is properly inflated. At Grays Point Oval a pump is available


Make sure all players:

  • Wear the official GPSC uniform
  • Wear shin guards
  • Have their shirts tucked into their shorts

* Fines apply from the Sutherland Shire Football Association if this is not done.

Pre season

Schedule training

Schedule a training time, in conjunction with their team and the GPSC committee. It's essential to consult the club - with so many teams, we need to ensure everyone gets fair use of the grounds. Email the Secretary : to request the training time.
The approved team training time will be notified prior to season start.

Organise Trial Game/s

If your team would like to have a pre-season trial game with a team within GPSC or from another club, the manager will organise trial game.
Generally, the club does not organise trial games.  The trial game sanction form located in the Documents and Forms is required to be filled in and submitted prior to the game for approval to the GPSC Secretary
If the form is not submitted and approved, the players will not be covered by insurance.  

Shirt numbers

All players U12 and over are required to wear numbers of the back of their playing strip shirt. Arrange with GPSC Gear Steward to have shirt numbers put on prior to the season start.

Managers meeting

Attend the pre season coaches and managers meeting to pickup your team's kit bag (if required) and manager's guide. All teams are provided with a match ball, yellow jacket and goalie jersey (except u6-u10), kit bag - containing bibs and cones.   

During the season

Keep yourself informed

  • Check your e-mail for the weekly emails for coaches and manager
    Collect material from your team pigeon hole every week. This is located in the Clubhouse next to canteen.
    Check this website regularly for club news and announcements

Keep your team informed

  • Ensure all team members are aware of
    Ensure all team members like grays point soccer on Facebook (for information updates)
    Ensure all team members subscribe to the e-newsletter
    For team members who don’t have email, make sure you inform them of any key news/events
    Set up your own system for regular communication with your team (sms, email etc.) on game times, training and other team matters.

Ground control

  • Check the website and newsletter week to see if your team is rostered on for ground control
    Understand what ground control involves.
    When your team is rostered, coordinate your team members to undertake the duty. Liaise direct with other team managers if you’re rostered on with other teams.


Complete an accident report form in the event of any injuries. On game days, these are available at ground control offices (any ground). For incidents at training, contact the Club Secretary at who will complete a report for you.

Match reports

Submit match reports and/or photos from your team’s weekend game (or nominate someone else to do it). Go to the match reports section to see how>>

Wet weather

Wet weather occasionally forces training and games to be cancelled


During the week, Sutherland Shire Council determines if fields are playable. If the grounds are closed, under no circumstances is training to go ahead, as Council can impose fines. In the event of wet weather:

  • Check for updates on the top right hand corner of the home page (Note: You can call the Sutherland Shire Council Wet Weather Line 9710 0105 to find out if fields are open/closed. However, Council may leave grounds open, but GPSC may close our grounds, due to the state of our field, So it is always best to check   Do not expect to receive an email from the club everyday the fields are closed for training.
  • Inform your team

Game days

The SSFA determines if games are played. The Council Wet Weather Line doesn’t apply on the weekends. In the event of wet weather:

  • You will receive an email from GPSC if games are cancelled. You can also check for updates.
  • Inform your team. For early games, the decision may not come before you need to leave for the game. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, due to the grounds not being inspected by the SSFA until 7am. Also note that just because some games are called off, others may go ahead. Eg. morning games could be off, while afternoon games are on.

Team behaviour and member protection

At training, GPSC events and games, always ensure your team behaviour is appropriate and inline with our codes of conduct. Deal with any issues promptly, seriously and sensitively. For general issues, contact the appropriate committee person. For sensitive issues, contact the member protection officer (MPO) or GPSC secretary


The match ball, jacket, goalie jersey and any kit bag provided remains the property of the club. Team manager's are responsible for returning it at the end of the season. Details of where and when will be advised.

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