All GPSC teams must help manage ground operations on game days - at Grays Point Ovals 1 and 2.

Via a roster system, teams must:

  • provide ground control (wearing an “orange jacket” and managing crowd behaviour)
  • cook and serve the BBQ
  • Run and serve in the Canteen  
  • set up and pack up fields.

Team managers are responsible for coordinating their teams’ involvement. Team managers must:

check the  website each week to see if their team is rostered on. You will also receive an Email and Text message from Shared Services.            
ensure the required number of people are present. This will involve planning ahead - contacting your team and confirming exactly who will help out
ensure your helpers are ready to go at the allocated time (and taking over from the current team on duty where appropriate).

Ensure that you check the Duties and Tasks on the attached lists under Documents and Forms.  There are separate duties for:


1. Ground control

The ground control system is in place right across the Sutherland Shire Football competition. It involves wearing an “orange jacket” and helping monitor crowd behaviour.

GPSC teams on ground control must

  • provide two people per field to constantly patrol the field
  • ensure these people wear an orange jacket, which are available at the ground control office. GPSC will be fined if people are not visible in orange jackets

Respectful crowd behavior is the key to everyone enjoying football. Your job while wearing the orange jacket is to ensure crowd behaviour is always acceptable. Harassment, abuse or other poor behavior towards officials, coaches or spectators is not tolerated.

If situations get out of hand, report it immediately a GPSC committee member.

2. BBQ and Canteen

As part of the ground control system, teams are allocated BBQ and Canteen duties during the time of their Ground Control.   This will be noted on the Ground Control Roster. 

  • pick up bread rolls from bakery at Kirrawee
  • provide two people at a minimum for the Canteen and BBQ (i.e. cook and serve the BBQ and serve and prepare food/drinks in Canteen)

3. Set up and pack up

GPSC teams will be rostered to set up and pack up each weekend.
Ground set-up:         

  •      Set up for fields (refer to list of tasks for Miniroos and Full-field for set up requirements)
  •      Put up corner and halfway flags
  •      Put out garbage bins,2 x Blue Recycle Bins, banners and benches .


Ground pack up:

  • Remove nets
  • Leave Northern End Goal Posts In Playing Positions - Ovals 1 and 2
  • Grays Point Oval 1 Southern Goal to Sideline Shooting Position
  • Grays Point Oval 2 Southern Goal returned to Top Oval Goal Cage
  • Remove flags
  • Sweep, mop and clean Canteen
  • Sweep clubhouse area
  • Clear up any litter and leave oval tidy and clean
  • Ensure garbage bins are put into locked gates.
  • Place 1 Blue Recycle Bin in Male Change Room and 1 in Female Change Room


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