The life member list includes life members from Grays Point Sports Club and Grays Point Soccer Club:

Barry Alchin
Meg Alchin
Julie Barden
Max Barden
Richard Hughes
Barry Mayo
Gerry McDonald
Lee Thompson
Pat Thorpe
Phil Turnbull
John Skene
Tony Stiles
Geraldine Rae
John McDonald
Cathy McDonald
Ian Rae
Craig Arnott  (2013) 
Beverly Skene (2013)

Ian Spiers (2015)

Rachel Spencer (2020)

Mark Williams (2020)

GPSC Awards and Honour Rolls lists

All GPSC Honour Rolls have be put together based on the best historic information available. If you think you can fill in some of the blanks or have spotted an error please email us

If you have any information on the contribution an individual has made to GPSC - old photos or documentation, stories - please email us anytime

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