Coaches are integral to the football experience at GPSC and we’re very appreciative of existing and new coaches.
All GSPC teams require a coach and all our coaches are volunteers from within the club – parents, players and others interested in football.
Coaches don’t have to be experienced or qualified to get involved. Skills and experience vary according to age group/grade, but generally we ask all GPSC coaches have:

  • passion for football
  • a good understanding of the game
  • good people skills
  • high level commitment to fair play and good sportsmanship. 


All Coaches are required to register on as a "Coach"


Coaching support

Coaches and coach education are key to player enjoyment and development. Coaches at GPSC are supported by:

  • Free training courses and coaching sessions throughout the season.
  • For 2018, Group Development Training will be conducted training sessions each Wednesday during the first school term to teach players skills, starting Wednesday, 21st February. Coaches are encouraged to attend so you can learn drills that can be used during your regular team training sessions. More information will be forwarded throughout season or go to our calendar for details.

Interested in coaching at Grays Point Soccer Club or need more information regarding Group Development Training?    

Email GPSC Club Coach,
Talk to the GPSC graders and/or committee at registration or grading days.

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